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    I am here to help you save on make up and beauty. As the brilliant Dolly Parton once said, ‘It takes a lot of money to look this cheap’, and that lady knows a thing or two about makeup. Most women (and a good few men), have a beauty regime that includes makeup and expensive lotions and potions.

    According to research, women spend an average of 722 days perfecting their beauty regimes and spend over £12,000 on health and beauty products in their lifetime. That’s some serious cash on lippie!

    But not to worry, I’m here to show you have to save on make up and beauty products, so you can you look a million dollars, without spending a million pounds.

    Written & contributed by Charlotte, founder of LottyEarn’s


    Save On Make UpA dupe is a cheap product that has been exactly copied from a famous and more expensive one, but for a fraction of the price. They tend to be just as popular (or even more so). Check out the Instagram page, @dupethat, which tests out dupes and honestly reviews them. They are American, so you can’t buy everything, but there’s plenty you can dupe or get delivered from America.



    Famous dupes (which you can buy in the UK) include:

    Buy from beauty bloggers

    Save On Make UpBeauty bloggers get sent  A LOT of makeup from brands hoping they will test them out, and promote them. So obviously, they don’t try them all or have duplicates, so often will have sales of the unused ones at a steep discount. Check your favorite beauty blog or search for Bloglovin’ for sales.

    Or you know, if you really are into makeup, set up a blog (you can do it for free) and ask companies for freebies to test, a guaranteed way to save on make up.

    Get a monthly subscription box

    Save On Make Up

    We get the itch to buy new shiny products all the time. There’s something about trying out new, pretty products which is irresistible (must be the millions of pounds they spend on advertisin). A monthly beauty box may be enough to scratch that itch, as you know you are going to get a beautiful little box filled with goodies delivered to your door every month, which will hopefully keep your purse in your pocket when you walk past MAC.


    The biggie is Birchbox with is £10 (plus £2.95 delivery) a month, and you get 5 luxe beauty treats included.

    With Glossybox, you decide on how long you subscribe for (which determines the price of the box), but if you signed up for a year, each box would cost you £8.50 (plus £3.25 postage), and you’d get 5 beauty products.

    Don’t buy expensive brands from their store

    Save On Make UpExpensive brands rarely discount their items, which is what keeps them a luxury item. So what you need to do is buy those products from a store that does generic discount codes. Feel Unique and AllBeauty are the perfect places to do this. On the highstreet, make sure you check out TKMaxx (especially the clearance section), as it often has high-end products for a lot less.


    Don’t overlook generic brands

    cheap make upSure, it’s all Mac, Lancome and Clinique in the magazines, but don’t fall for the hype. Remember, supermarkets and stores spend a lot of money replicating these items that are just as good (sometimes better) for a fraction of the price. We’re talking identical ingredients – you’re only paying for the brand. Now sure, if brand packaging is worth £20 to you, go crazy and stock up, but if you don’t care and what it comes in, there’s no need to get the branded item.

    In regards to face cream – you are crazy if you spend a lot of money. There’s plenty of research out there that shows that they don’t do anything. Here’s what Dr. Ben Goldacre has to say on the subject:

    “Ladies nationwide have coordinated a stampede for Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect face cream, after it was endorsed by the BBC’s Horizon: so let’s do face creams. Basically they’re all the same. They all moisturise, like vaseline, but without the greasiness.”

    “They may contain active ingredients: a double-edged sword. So vitamin A seems to be helpful on skin, but its active form, tretinoin, also causes burning, flaking and redness, so it’s prescription only. You can give weaker forms, with names such as “pro-retinol”, but they’re converted to tretinoin slowly, so they don’t work well: you could give lots but if it works, it might have tretinoin side effects too.


    Save On Make Up

    1)Recycle old products to get free makeup

    MAC accepts returns of its primary packaging through the Back-to-MAC Cosmetics programme. By returning six MAC primary packaging containers to a MAC counter or online, you’ll receive a free lipstick of your choice as a thank you.

    This also works at Lush and Kiehl’s – don’t throw out the bottles, and do some hoarding to get a freebie.

    2) Get samples when ordering online 

    When you order online, make sure you double check you can’t get a sample (you usually get to pick three at Benefit for example). If there isn’t a tick box to choose a sample, make sure you search some voucher code sites to see if there is a code you can enter that will get you a freebie. These are great for trying out products you don’t know whether you like, and also serve as free travel-size products for trips.

    3) Get Freebies from our FREE Health & Beauty Stuff section

    We update our site with new freebies everyday and we regularly have FREE beauty stuff offered. Both, market leading brands and smaller brands heavily dish out FREE samples to create brand awareness, besides its really difficult to find the right products unless you can try them out!


    vouchercodesBefore shopping anywhere online, make sure you check for a voucher. The biggie is Vouchercodes, which has thousands of retailers including The Body Shop, Fragrance Direct and Space NK. Even if there don’t have a specific discount, it’s worth Googling ‘*store name* discount code’ to save a few quid.

    Big voucher sites aren’t the only place to bag yourself a voucher code. Big beauty vloggers often have exclusive deals with beauty brands, so check out the description box on YouTube tutorial and haul videos for discount codes.

    Do your maths!

    maths_1Some brands such as Benefit sell smaller versions of popular products that are actually cheaper per ounce than the larger versions.

    So get out your calculator (or find someone who ‘gets’ numbers) and see if you can calculate yourself a discount.

    Check out this Reddit user who saved £36 on Benefit primer by doing this.

    Become a tester

    Save On Make UpThe best way to save on make up and get FREE, full sized beauty products delivered to your door is to sign up as a tester.

    I’m a member of BzzAgent, which is a word of mouth (WOM) marketing company. They give you items to try out, and they expect you to fill out surveys, review and shout about it on social media. Current things you can test include L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch and Sure Maximum protection.

    Others you should sign up to include Super Savvy MeTesco OrchardBoots Review Panel and Toluna.

    5 Beauty hacks

    1) Buy cheap products that can be used for multiple purposes.

    You really should get yourself a tub of Vaseline if you aren’t using it, as it works as an effective lip gloss, foot moisturiser and make-up remover all in one. Johnson’s No More Tears Baby Shampoo can be a cheap way to clean your makeup brushes and is a great make-up remover, talc can be substituted for £4 bottles of dry shampoo, for getting rid of any excess oil in your hair (though make sure you rub it in properly, or you will look like you have grey hair).

    2) Make your own products

    You don’t have to spend a fortune on price store-bought scrubs. Mix brown sugar and honey into a paste to buff your body smooth. There is literally no point spending a fortune on a product that has the same ingredients with some extra chemicals thrown in.

    3) Use every drop

    Sure, the bottle seems empty, but if you cut the end open, I guarantee you, you’ll find a decent amount more product. When you get to the bottom of your perfume bottle and it won’t spray out anymore, don’t throw it away, pour it into your body wash or an unscented moisturiser to get more use out of it.

    4) Plump the natural way

    Cinnamon is the active ingredient in many expensive lip plumpers – cinnamon oil, which you can get at natural-food stores, is a lot cheaper and does the same thing.

    5) Reuse old mascara brushes

    When you pay serious money for a mascara, what you’re really paying for is the brush, not the mascara (goop?). So if you have fancy mascaras left over, keep the brush and use it in new cheaper bottles of mascara. Just rinse your brush in hot water to get rid of clumps and you’re ready to go.

    I hope this has give you some worthwhile tips to save on make up and beauty, theres something brilliant about looking and feeling good but not breaking the bank!

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