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    Being fit and healthy is becoming one of Britain’s favourite things but its doesn’t have to cost you a penny! For example; ditch the gym membership and you could save up to £400 each year. “How will I get fit without the gym!?” I hear you cry. These tips will give you a good start!

    Written & Contributed by Nick, Founder & owner of Freebze.

    Get fit for freeGym membership is fairly expensive these days. 19% of the country are signed up to one, thats 9.5million brits. Alarmingly 1 in 10 of these members rarely visit the gym or worse don’t even turn up but continue to pay their fees. 50%  of gym members pay anywhere between £20 – £50, spread that across 12 months and its a tidy sum that could be used in a better way.

    Having said that, If you are utilising the gym regularly and you really enjoy it keep it up unless your finances won’t stretch for now. But if you are missing sessions or avoiding it totally ditch the gym now!

    Walk Everywhere!

    Obviously if you’ve got to hit the M3 for 25 miles to get to work this won’t apply but wherever possible hit the pavement! You can start by walking to the shops, ditching the school run or just get out and walk ANYWHERE! Every little helps.

    Fortunately we live in the countryside so we have plenty of places to explore on foot. Buddy up with friends to help keep you on track and push each other a little further or faster. Although sometimes its a great way to have some time to yourself and clear your head. Make sure you mix up your routes as it can become a tad boring when you follow the same path day in day out.

    You could even track your progress with FREE apps like MapMyWalk or Walkmeter.

    Avoid Lifts

    Using an elevator and hopping on the closest lift is very convenient. But be honest with yourself, its plain lazy. It does seem that a good old set of stairs is quickly going out of fashion. Check out your local shopping centre, its like hunting for buried treasure when looking for the stairs but elevators and lifts are right in front of you and clearly marked with signs.

    Office workers have the same dilemma, lift or stairs? Most choose the lift but try to change the wheel and race the lift when your colleagues take the lazy option. Iv’e got to the point now that I actually get disappointed when the flight of stairs is small!

    Speed Up The Housework

    We all hate the chores but this is a great way to turn a boring everyday task into something that benefits you in more ways than one. When hoovering around the house out some elbow grease into it and keep telling yourself “I’m burning calories” and try to do it efficiently but with some pace, try it I bet you get your heart rate going!

    Whether its mowing the lawn, ironing, dusting or scrubbing the bathroom make sure you REALLY put some effort into it. Each household job should get your heart pumping and your brow sweaty.

    Just Run

    The title says it all! Iv’e not heard of anyone having to pay a subscription or membership fee to run around their local park or estate the only thing stopping you is, you! Having said this running can be a daunting thing, I still have to force myself to break through my own conscious excuses and I was a soldier once.

    Take it step by step and pace yourself initially. The last thing you want to do is rock up at home after a run struggling to stand up and vomiting all over the lounge. Pushing yourself too hard at first will simply put you off ever trying it again. A great tool I used when my fitness levels dropped is the ‘NHS Couch to 5k app’. Its totally FREE and is created & backed up by health professionals to help you gently ease yourself into a steady and healthy running habit.

    Lift Baked Beans

    Seriously this isn’t as silly as it sounds, Gemma Howden lost 10st just from using baked bean cans instead of traditional weights! The magic isn’t just in the beans you can use any heavy household object to your advantage.

    When going about your day to day business at home repeat arm exercises with a tin can in each hand you may think this is pointless but trust me any muscle exercise you do is simply burning fat. You could go further, when out on your new walks hold a tin in each arm and express your arm movements. If your embarrassed about walking with a can of beans in each hand pop a sock over each one and it will just look like your holding two small weights. Try it!

    Gym Freebies

    If you’re the type that need the gym environment for motivation instead of paying a membership why not try out some free passes like these:

    1. AnyTimeFitness FREE pass
    2. FitnessFirst FREE pass
    3. Nuffiled Health FREE pass
    4. Total Fitness FREE pass
    5. Virgin Active FREE pass

    If none of these are local to you give your local gym a call and see if they have any freebies going its always worth the call.

    If you do decide the gym is something you will commit to you’ll never get it FREE unfortunately but there are ways to avoid long term memberships. Using sites like PayAsUGym to gain access to single use passes with a 10% discount including class session to. You also get to use as many gyms as you like all over the country. Theres no contract and you literally just pay for each session.

    Get a FREE You Tube Trainer

    As you probably know YouTube has millions of videos ranging from funny animals to help with DIY or how to do your make up like a pro.

    You can get yourself a FREE personal trainer with YouTube and make the most of it for your exercise routine. Instead of paying over the odd for the latest fitness DVD’s just have a quick search.

    Whether you want to focus on your abs with a 10 minute workout or train for a marathon, training videos are at your finger tips. What I really love about them is you really feel like you have a personal trainer giving you guidance when exercising which means anyone ca have a go. Heres one to get you started:

    “I hope this has been useful for you so you can now improve your health and get fit for FREE!”

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