FREE Dog Microchipping

    FREE dog microchipping

    The Dogs Trust are offering a FREE dog mircochipping service to all canines in the UK. They are offering this service at ALL 18 rehoming centres & participating vets nationwide,  just locate your local Dogs Trust centre or veterinary practitioner!

    To get your FREE microchipping service, click ‘Get It Now’, choose your nearest Dog’s Trust centre, and make an appointment. The Dogs Trust are charity funded so if you can afford it why not make a small donation to help their worthy cause.

    Considering microchipping for dogs is now a legal requirement in the UK as of 6th April 2016, this freebie is a must have. It will enable local authorities and welfare groups will be able to easily identify your loved one if the unthinkable happened. The process is quick and pain free so get your canine chipped today!

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