FREE Dog Food

    free dog food

    Give your furry friend some tasty free dog food. Tails have 2 weeks worth of their delicious dog food available for FREE worth £27 plus they are also offering an extra 4 days FREE. This freebie can be personalised with your dogs name on the packet. Just enter your dogs name and fill out some details. £1 delivery charge.

    Tails believe that its important to cater their food for each dog individually based on information about your dog. Their tailor-made blends are created from a wide range of high quality kibbles that are all free from artificial colourings and flavours. Using the information you tell them about your dog, They will calculate the optimum selection for their needs and then hand-mix each dog’s blend one at a time.

    To claim your FREE dog food click the get it now button and start by clicking “Continue Sign Up”. Then continue and fill out the information requested. This offer is FREE for 2 weeks with £1 delivery charge. Following this you will be billed monthly if you do not cancel. This can be cancelled at ANYTIME.

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