8 Tips To Save Money When Having A New Baby

    Being a father of 3 I’d like to consider myself a veteran when it comes to having a new baby I quickly learnt its best to save money when having a new baby, by the 2nd one (Olivia) I quickly realised that it really doesn’t need to create a hole in your pocket. Follow these easy tips to make the early days as cheap and as enjoyable as possible

    Written & Contributed by Nick, Founder & owner of Freebze.

    Establish A Budget and Plan what Your baby REALLY needs

    baby with moneyAlthough this may seem obvious it is one of the biggest reasons parents spend more than they have to before their little ones. Firstly work out how much you will need to spend in total for things like cots and push chairs remembering to take into consideration that some things may not be a complete necessity. Visiting shops before knowing what you have to spend and what your REALLY need can be hard on your pocket, salesman will be keen to tell you that things are needed when really you don’t desperately need them like a changing unit. Changing units can be easily replaced with much cheaper changing mats that can also be stored away much easier. Prepare yourself!


     breastfeedingWe appreciate not everyone has the opportunity to breast feed and some new Mum’s find it uncomfortable but if your one of the lucky ones you can really make the most of it. Breast milk is totally free and will provide your baby with all the nutrients its needs to have a healthy start. You can breast feed for as long as you want to and express it in to bottles and store in the fridge for another day. Formula milk can cost anything from £520 – £700 in the time your baby requires it so its clear this money could be used else where if you are lucky to breastfeed, most Mum’s also find this a very rewarding experience! If you want some more information head over the NHS information on breast feeding.

    Bag FREE baby stuff in our KIDS AND BABIES section & community sites

    free baby stuffGiveaway websites like Freecycle and Freegle are busy online recycling communities where people give away things they no longer use. These are great for picking up freebies of all kinds, from toys and baby clothes to games and PCs. It’s also a handy way to have a clear out while helping others. Using local selling pages on social media like Facebook is also a great way to save on essentials like clothing lets face it, babies only wear new born things for a matter of months so you can still pick up good quality items.

    Don’t Buy “Off The Shelf” Baby Food

    Free baby foodYou can easily make your own nutritious baby food in your own kitchen with little fuss. Branded baby food can be very expensive and by making your own you will also be ensuring your baby is not consuming anything with preservatives or additives. You can blend up meals prepared for the rest of the family or searching the internet will find hundred of places with baby food recipes, always ensure you understand your child’s stage of weaning. Heres one to get started Annabel Karmel,  or head over to Amazon where you can find thousands of recipe books.

    Freeze Extra Food

    freeze baby foodUse up the remaining food you have made by blending it and then pouring it into some small containers or a large ice cube tray then pop them in the freezer, these can be really handy on days out when the opportunity to get something nutritious for your baby is limited. However you must take care when freezing certain foods so ensure you are clued up as to whether a food is safe or not. There are a number of methods for freezing and storing baby food, WholesomeBabyFood.com is good place to find out what methods are safe.

    Try Reusable Nappies

    reuseable nappiesNow your probably thinking this is a little old fashioned but actually you can buy some pretty modern reusable nappies that look very comfy too. Lizzie’s Real Nappies have got some really cute ones and you’ll only need a trial pack to get started. The initial out lay is more than your first packs of disposables are but don’t be put off, in the long run you can save a huge amount. If these really aren’t your thing then at least make sure you search for offers or freebies because nappy companies always run offer. We often have FREE nappies in our baby section so don’t forget to check it out.

    Get A Maternity Grant

    Get a maternity grantIf you visit your local social security from 11 weeks before your baby is due to 3 months after birth and you qualify for income benefits or tax credits you will be eligible for a Sure Start Maternity Grant  which will pay up to £500 to spend on items you need for your baby and you don’t have to pay a penny back. Which as most of us will appreciate being a very helpful contribution toward the start of you babies life and to your bank balance!


     Apply For Child Benefit

     child benefitChild benefit in the UK is available to anyone from any background or income although, anyone with a combined income of £50k or more may have to pay a tax on this benefit. You will be entitled to £20.70 a week for your first or only child any additional children will receive £13.70 a week. You can have the payments made into different types of account like Children’s Trust Funds, Children’s accounts or your personal account and it gets paid to you every 4 weeks.
    If you want more information on becoming a parent National Child Birth Trust (NCT) has two FREE downloadable booklets “Becoming A Parent” & “Early Days With Your Baby” including advice and support for Dads’s to be. The website also offers up a heap of free information on all aspect of parenting.

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