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    8 essential back-to-school tipsWith the end of the summer holidays approaching its time to start getting the kids ready for school. New school supplies, uniforms, haircuts, memorable end of summer outings and the dreaded school routine are all in the back of our minds. With these in mind there are a few other tips I have picked up along the way to give you and the kids a seamless transition back in to the school year. Use my tips to get this new school year off to a good start.

    Written & Contributed by Nick, Founder & owner of Freebze. Published 15/8/16

    Set Up Your Bedtime Routine

    Like me you have probably let bedtimes stretch and lay ins stack up. Through trial and error I have established that its important to start getting the routine back in place at least 2 weeks before the first day back. Giving them this amount of time to adjust works wonders in our house and by the time the first school bell rings, the kids will be in a great sleeping routine and it will be one less worry for you. Tired and grumpy kids after school can be very stressful!

    Talk To Your Kids About Any Concerns

    The start of school or moving up a school year can be very exciting but with this excitement brings some fear and anxiety – especially when it comes to the unknown. Take some time to ask your kids what things they are really looking forward to and what things could be worrying them. One of my kids due to certain needs, struggles with not knowing whats coming next and by giving him a forum to express his concerns it can help him to work through any worries before stepping foot on the play ground which will give your kids some much needed confidence.

    Plan School Lunches & Snacks

    I love planning out food! Purely because when doing so you increase the chances of your kids making the right healthy choices and you also increase your chance of reducing food waste. When you pack high protein lunches and snacks, balanced with vegetables, fruits and other nutritious goodies you increase the chance of your kids sustaining their energy and brain power to make it through their school day with the best focus possible. Plus you won’t find yourself rummaging through the cupboards hunting for things to pack up every morning.

    Create A Storage Area

    To help you ensure you have everything the kids will need to get them back to school without hick-ups set up a central spot in the house to store all your school supplies. Including a school checklist, the school schedule, back packs, uniforms,  stationary and any other things you feel need to be included. Tey to keep it free from clutter and any un school related things so you and the kids can easily find what you need. Get the kids involved by asking them to add an necessary items, this will also help relieve any anxieties they may have about whether or not they have everything. Plus it also gives them some responsibility and control over the start of school.

    Organise Clothing

    Firstly, donate or otherwise dispose of any items of uniform which are out grown or overly worn. Then take some time organising whats left and establish what you will need to buy. Remember this doesn’t need to get to expensive, make sure you hunt around for the best prices and do some comparisons.

    Talk About Bullying

    According to the Annual Bullying Survey 2015 43% of young people have experienced some form of bullying and 43% of those face bullying on a daily basis. Adding to this, in the mass increase in the digital world sometimes it can end in a serious outcome including things like suicide. Now I am not saying your kids are bullies or even being bullied but make sure your kids understand the importance of treating their peers the right way and when to voice their word when they notice somebody else is being bullied. In reverse to this stress to your children that it is not acceptable to put up with someone bullying you in any way shape or form. By raising this subject from time to time you will intrust your kids to come and speak to you if they hear or see something they feel is un fair but at the same time it will teach them good social skills and how to treat others.

    Up Date School Medical Records

    Sure, most schools will let you know if they feel the records they hold for your kids are out of date but go beyond that. Make sure all teachers and admin staff have a comprehensive list of any medical concerns on needs regarding your kids, including allergies as these can come on at anytime. Also make sure that your emergency contacts and number are all up to date as heaven for bid something we’re to happen.

    Get To Know New Teachers

    Although there will be a ton of opportunities to meet teachers like meet & greets, parents evening and events nothing beats creating some quality time to get to know your kids teachers. Try and book a few minutes with each teacher before or after school to connect one-to-one. If time will not permit this at least send an introductory email that includes how you can help them out throughout the school year.

    “These are just a few things that have helped my kids and I start a new school year off smoothly and I hope my 8 tips can help your family – Nick”


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