5 Tips To Save Money On DIY

    Why pay for someone else to do your DIY and home improvements? Check out my money saving tips on how to save money on DIY and home improvements.

    Written & Contributed by Nick, Founder & owner of Freebze.


    save money on diyIt’s no secret that we all find DIY incredibly boring despite the results we see once its finished. A couple of years ago Emma (my beautiful partner) and I moved into a council house and let me tell you, it was a mess when we moved in and there was SO much to do. We didn’t want to do a quick job to tart it up as we had plans to take advantage of the right to by scheme. So we had to make sure we did things properly. It got to a point where we had a time limit to move in but there was so much to do. Having 2 kids at the time and both being busy people we decided to call in the local handy man to come and tile the kitchen floor, decorate the bathroom and decorate the utility room.

    Looking back, what fools we had been! Ok so tiling isn’t an easy task but I’m sure after some research most people could definitely manage it. But the painting and decorating is something everyone is capable of and it would have been so easy for us to do! I vaguely remember the cost of paying the handy man his labour which came to about £350, money we should have kept in the bank and used more wisely.

    Although I feel stupid I know I’m not the only one. Visually statistics interestingly found the 41% of brits would rather pay for someone else to do the job no matter how big or small.

    1. Save On Materials

    I hate overspending in general but particularly on DIY materials for those jobs around the house!

    Before you take a trip to the industrial estate mega stores make sure you check out your local DIY stores and discount stores. Its surprising the bargains you can find locally. From tools, fixings, paints, brushes and fillers take some time to hunt down local bargains.

    Failing this, search the net for the latest deals, online exclusives and don’t forget to get cash back on your DIY purchases from websites like TopCashBack.

    2. Plan It Don’t Panic

    You have a hectic working week and the last thing on your free time activities is painting the lounge. The devil on your shoulder panics and just want to tip paint into a tray and slap it straight on the walls as fast as you can as if your about to miss out on something better. But this is a fundamental issue as you’ll only make more work for yourself in the long run. Paint will be dotted across the carpet and sofa, you’ll have uneven brush lines across the wall and the cutting in will look like the local pre school have come in and decorated.

    Plan your DIY job in advance and you’ll raise the chances of getting it right the first time and save money on DIY costs as the’ll be no need to pay a carpet cleaner to sort out your mess!

    3. Use How To Guides

    Like most of us I’m sure you have tons of home improvement jobs you’ve put off over the years purely because you didn’t think it was important enough, you did’t want to pay someone else or simply because you didn’t have a clue where to start. Or because you made a pigs ear of them in the past and ended up losing a shed load of cash sorting out your mistakes.

    Living in the 21st century has some unique benefits that will ensure you now have the power to overcome these issues with out handing out anymore cash than you need to. Firstly Google the task you wish to learn and you’ll be surprised at how many blogs give you a step by step guide to completion. Make sure you also check out YouTube. Head over to YouTube and find whatever job that need sorting in a helpful step by step video which will take you through the whole process to completion. You’ll find guides from how to fix a leaky sink to how to hang an interior door; these guides will fill you full of confidence after watching a professional show you how easy it really can be.

    4. You Can’t Do Everything

    Admittedly there are some DIY jobs that you’ll be unable to do yourself. Things like jobs involving gas or electric require a skilled pro, you really shouldn’t touch these due to risk of serious injury to yourself or others. But this doesn’t mean you can’t save money still. Make sure you get at least 3 quotes for the job in hand and ensure you use a recommend tradesman as choosing a cowboy builder will quickly drain your funds and theres plenty out there. Better than this, rack your brains for friends and family that may have the skills to help in return for a skill you have or simply to help you out.

    Sometimes you can reduce the cost of particular jobs by carrying out the prep work yourself. For example; plastering consists heavily of prep work and can be labour intensive but is something you can certainly do yourself. You’ll need to rub down all the walls, mask off edges you wish to keep clean, coat the surface in PVA glue and clear the room of furniture and other items completely. You’ll only need to get yourself some sandpaper, a scraper, a pot of builders PVA, some brushes and dust sheets.

    5. Cover Yourself!

    No matter how much preparation and research you have done into your new DIY project, DIY accidents do happen!

    Things like putting your foot through the ceiling, accidentally drilling water pipes or unintentionally cutting through an electrical cable can easily happen and can be very costly to fix! Dig out your insurance policy or give your insurance company a call first to ensure you are covered for accidental DIY repairs.

    Trust me once it happens its simply to late!

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