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    free things to do this summerHaving 3 wonderful kids I know how tough and expensive it gets in the summer holidays so Ive found lots of FREE things to do with kids. Usually after the first week in the kids are moaning that they are bored but I am reluctant to keep chucking money at expensive days out to the zoo or theme parks. Here a 15 ways you can keep them occupied without spending a penny.




    Written & Contributed by Nick, Founder & owner of Freebze

    1. Have A Picnic

    Why not get out side and eat? Instead of having lunch indoors or eating out at expensive food stalls when visiting places, pack yourself a yummy picnic and get the kids involved by asking them to choose what they would like and then packing it all with you. Its much cheaper to use your own items from the fridge we make use of leftovers when having a picnic. You could choose anywhere! Try the woods, the beach or just rock up at a decent park for the day and let the kids play and you can sit and relax.

    2. Visit The Park

    You are probably thinking “We already went to the park?” Well why not find some more because you could end up finding the coolest park you never knew existed!? I can remember the fun and joy I would feel at the park when I was a kid. I would literally have been happy sat playing in a park all day and not once would I get bored. Treat your kids to the same experience challenge yourselves to visiting as many parks as you can to keep it even more fun for the kids.

    3. Camp Out In The Garden

    This is something my sister and I would do regularly with friends when we were younger and we always had so much fun. Despite the fact that we normally ended up inside at 2am because one of us was scared! Create an adventure for your kids in the garden by creating a role play situation, perhaps you could pretend they are camped out in the jungle and they are trying to survive and find a way out, or something like that. It can keep them occupied for hours during the day and night.

    free activities for kids4. Go Pond Dipping

    Kids love this! If you have any old nets and buckets get them together or borrow some and find a local stream or pond and pitch up for the afternoon. Take a note pad and a camera to make a note of all the little creatures you capture so when you get home you can all sit down and name each creature and learn about each individual one.



    5. Visit FREE Attractions

    Believe it or not there are thousands of free attractions across the UK – check out some local free attractions or travel if you’ve already seen all the local ones. Find some FREE museums, the UK is scattered with them. Its not just the Science Museum or Natural History Museum that are FREE you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find near you. Its also worth looking for FREE zoo’s or petting centres as kids always love animals!

    6. Go On A Bike Ride

    This one is simple yet effective. If you have a bike rack then you’ll be able to head off to your local forest. If you don’t then it actually won’t matter. Get a local map out and get the kids together to plan a route. You could also involve checkpoints where certain tasks have to be completed.

    7. Organise A Treasure Hunt

    What child doesn’t like a good treasure hunt? This will have them amused for ages! You can do this with just yourselves or invite friends and family to join you. Create some riddles and clues and hide your treasure around the garden and house. You could even do a bigger one at the park. Check out MyKidsAdventures for treasure hunt ideas.

    free day out8. Go To The Beach

    Simple yet effective! This is something my family and I do regularly because the kids are always happy, its FREE and you’ll hopefully get a tan! Plus it proven that the beach is incredibly good for your mental health and helps to calm children. You cant beat the coo of seagulls and the sound of crashing waves.



    9. Do A Yard Sale

    This is a great way to keep the kids busy and potentially make a little extra cash at the same time. Get each child to go through there toys and things they don’t use or need anymore whilst you gather all the thing you as adults don’t need anymore. Lay them out on the front lawn or on a table and share that your are having a clear out on your social media accounts. Tell the kids they can keep the cash from all their own items and challenge them to be the top seller!

    10. Visit Your Library

    I remember visiting the library and being so amazed ant all the cool books I could find and read. This is a past time that us Brits don’t do enough anymore but its a great way of learning whilst having fun. Most libraries have organised children’s storytelling and activity days just get in touch with your local one to find out whats coming up. Or just check out local FREE library events from your local council website.

    11. Make A Picture Album

    Life flies by quickly and many of us only store our images on smart phones or computers. Rummage through your old picture collections and find your favourite digital ones, print them off and create a collage together that you can out on a wall in the house to remind you all of the special memories you all have together. You could even take pictures everyday to create a special summer collage that you can all put together towards the end of the holidays.

    days out in the forest12. Walk In The Forest

    We have vast areas of forest land in the UK with some exciting trails with games and activities along the way, make the most of them. Its totally FREE to visit and the trails are also provided FREE of charge. You could also build a den or explore the wildlife during your walk. Plus most forests have a number of fantastic parks with zip lines and a variety of climbing frames to keep the little ones amused.

    13. Build A Fort

    This is another one we love to do at home. Whether the sun is out or its raining you can have so much fun doing this. Create a pretend fort in the lounge and hide out together whilst watching a film or pretend you are all protecting your fort in the garden against invasion!

    14. Create A Garden

    This is a brilliant way to teach the kids about plants and how they grow and what you need to do to look after them. Dig out a small area for your flower bed and take cuttings from other plants around the garden. You can take advantage of FREE seeds that we have published or just do a google search to find loads of environmental companies handing out freebie seeds packs. This one will last the whole summer and you could also keep it going throughout the season and change the plants you sew in.

    15. Watch The Sun Rise

    Lastly, to start your day off in a stunningly relaxing way get up early, load up the picnic basket with breakfast and find a decent spot to watch the sun come up. This is a wonderful way to get your kids in a great mood for the rest of they day. You can even take some lovely pictures to add tho the photo album you are going to make.

    “I hope this will help you to find some FREE things to do with kids this summer and I hope you have a fun packed adventurous school break!”



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